International Camp in Aghveran, Armenia | Day 8

Dies ist der letzte Blogeintrag vom Internationalen Austausch in Aghveran, Armenien, welches vom Österreichischen und Armenischen Roten Kreuz organisiert wurde. Wir bedanken uns bei allen Beteiligten!

#5August started with the roll call as usual. We talked about the departure plan and the Agenda of the last day. We discussed yesterday’s trip to Yerevan and what else we liked about the day before. In the end of the roll call Nazeli told us about the travel plans. Today’s workshop was about the outcome of the Youth Declaration Group. We received their proposal for Youth declaration and discussed it. Nazeli and Katharine opened the closing ceremony with their thank you speeches. After that delegations leaders of Germany, Georgia and Italy held their speeches, Germany showed a film which was a result of a workshop.  The delegation leaders of Finland, Armenia, Ukraine and Austria gave their speeches. Everybody thanked the Austrian and Armenian Red Cross for organizing the camp. The Media group prepared a slide show with pictures of the entire camp. It was really emotional to see what we have experienced here. When the slide show ended the media group and the stay safe and cute group gave their speeches. After that we announced who was whose secret friend and gave the gifts that we had for each other. A lot of nice presents changed their owner and it was a nice surprise who was their secret friend. The Youth Declaration Group presented their final version of the Youth Declaration. We sang a song called Life Power and watched an Aftermovie. Finally every participant got a certificate and presents from the Armenian Red Cross.

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