International Camp in Aghveran, Armenia | Day 7

As always #4August started with a roll call where participants shared their insights from previous day. After, we got an introduction about Vardavar, an Armenian water holiday which is celebrated 98 days after Easter. At this day, people pour water on each other and have great fun. The real holiday had been a week before, and we imitated this tradition in the morning. After lunch we went to Yerevan. Every delegation got an Armenian guide who told us many interesting things about the Armenian capital. We have been to the Victory park (Haghtanak park), to the alley of Russian militaries, to the Cafesjian, the museum of Modern Arts and to the central district of Yerevan. Also we were at the Swan’s lake, we visited famous monuments in Yerevan and after that we had the most beautiful picnic dinner in the Lover’s park. In the evening we went to the Republic Square and watched incredible fountains show with music and lights.


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