International Camp in Aghveran, Armenia | Day 5

The 5th day #2August traditionally started with roll call. Everybody shared their own experience and the mood of yesterday. Then the participants split into groups to take the workshops. The topics were the same as the previous days, but with different facilitators. The Austrian delegation presented a workshop under ‘’Design for Peace’’ where the group learnt about Austrian Youth Movement and how the ideal system for the Youth was created. In the end we played the game: everybody had two words and had to make the common story in the circle. The German delegation had their workshop about Youth Empowerment. First there was a game about teamwork and the participants got to experience that they could achieve much more when they cooperate and work together trustfully. Then the term “youth empowerment” was discussed and the group worked on the definition of it. In the end there was a video taken by every participant with a suggestion for a practical example what each of us could do for youth empowerment. The Georgian delegation presented Psychosocial support services. It was about what Psychosocial support is and why we need to provide it. Then they described the advantages of volunteers, i.e. that they are part of the local community and they know the culture. Factors promoting resilience, key values in supportive communication and non-verbal communication was also part of the workshop. In the afternoon there was a body-painting activity where the participants were divided into the groups and chose the topics for the painting. Also they chose the parts on their bodies which were allowed to paint. The topics were: superheroes, LGBT Movement, Nature, Pandas, Aborigines. Then the different body-paintings have been presented. After the dinner we played a “trust game”, where 3 teams needed to cooperate and guide the blinded players to find pens and draw Red Cross emblem. After that we had a chill-out evening and a movie screening.



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