International Camp in Aghveran, Armenia | Day 4

Around 8.30 most of the participants arrived at the restaurant to have their breakfast. The national delegations were mixed up and we really had international tables with participants from different Red Cross Societies talking to each other. So the intercultural exchange takes place every minute of the camp and is not only limited to the workshops and special events at all.
After the daily roll call we met in the workshop groups. The “Pink Unicorns” had a workshop about “Youth empowerment” facilitated by the Ukrainian Red Cross. It was about how to manage volunteers. We got to know the different types of people engaged in the Red Cross and how to involve them in our social work based on their capabilities and needs. The workshop also helped us to explore what kind of a volunteer we are and which role might fit best for each of us.
One part of the workshop was about conflict management. We showed in two role games how to handle conflicts correctly and also how a conflict escalates. We discussed the examples afterwards and extracted the methods how to successfully deescalate a conflict.

The “Blueberries” had their workshop about PSS Support with the same content as mentioned in the article for the day before.

The “Hulks” attended the workshop about “Design for Peace” provided by the Italian Red Cross. It was about prejudices and explained the “education of peace” program which has been established by the Italian Red Cross. Four presentations showed currently running projects in the context of the program. They treated bullying, migrants, schools & children and also youth on the run. The program contains methods and trainings for three different kinds of roles: operator, Instructor and facilitator. The main aim of the program is to create discussions on recent items of the society.
The workshop also contained a video about how to be confident, spread love and hope for a change in minds.

After lunch there was a photoshoot session where everyone could take a costume from another country and take a photo with it. It was a colorful nice mixture of national dresses. Many nice pictures have been taken and some of the participants even mixed up the gender of the dresses.

In the evening we had a very delicious, various barbecue provided by the Armenian Red Cross.
After this great meal we watched a film or did some socializing.

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