International Camp in Aghveran, Armenia | Day 3

After breakfast we started our every day’s roll call. We reflected on the previous day’s workshop and discussed about what were the highlights of the day before and what could be improved.
Then we started with the workshops: The Hulks had a workshop about “youth decision making”. It has been provided by the Armenian Red Cross. The subject was touched from the point of youth empowerment. It was about policy makers and the possibilities of intervention of young people in policy making processes. They talked about various existing policies and also about youth participation in the Red Cross Movement.

The “Pink Unicorns” got to know about psycho-social support (PSS). The workshop has been provided by the Armenian red cross. The participants got a general introduction to PSS and the IFRC’s approach to developing psycho-social activities at National Societies. The workshop was based on the training modules developed by the Reference centre for psycho-social support established in Denmark with the support of IFRC. The workshop was a condensed version of modules developed by the Reference Centre. It consisted of several parts: General introduction to PSS, PSS in Crisis situations, stress and coping, Psychological First Aid, Peer support. The participants got to know both theoretical and practical tips which would make them provide PSS not only in RC context but in their daily life. In the end the participants played role games to provide PSS to beneficiaries with various cases.

The “Blueberries” had their workshop about “Design for peace”. It was provided by the Austrian red cross and contained information about “Youth on the run”. It is a program designed by Steen Cnops Rasmussen, a Danish psychologist and teacher in the early 90ies. Many different red cross societies adopted it and spread it throughout the Red Cross Movement. It is tailored for children, youth and young adults.
Normally one game takes 24 hours but in the workshop they played a short excerpt within 20 minutes. The story was about two families in a refugee camp who had different problems, e.g. the language barrier. The participants of the workshop got roles like doctor, policeman, camp leader and of course the refugee family. After the role play participants discussed the situations in group.
Furthermore the participants learned information on the program and how to become a trainer.

In the afternoon there was a sports activity facilitated by the Austrian Red Cross. First we played a game called the “Game of Gods”. It is a team game with a lot of action and also consists of strategic planning. It was a lot of fun and everybody had his/her sports workout for the day.
After the game we could decide either to play mini golf, ball sports or go for a climbing trail in the trees.

In the evening there was a movie screening in our conference hall. Some of the participants also took this time to talk to other delegations.

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