International Camp in Aghveran, Armenia | Day 2

The second day of the camp, #30July, started with presentations by the participating Red Cross-national societies. The delegations presented the work of their national societies by handing out leavlets, talking about projects or showing videos.

During the morning, the participants decided to make the following list of encourages behaviour:

“mixed delegation, positive feedback, make the others happy, be open minded, seek conflict resolution, take responsibility, make new friends, take care of yourself, keep your humour, speak only in English, actively listen.

The highlight of the day was going to the Tsaghkadzor ropeway. The Tsakhkadzor Ropeway is located on a slope of the Teghenis Mountain. From the height of 2819m, it offers a breath-taking view of Mount Ararat. After coming back from the ropeway, the bus took us to the Kecharis Monastery which is a medieval Armenian monastic complex dating back to the 11th to 13th centuries. The main group of the complex consists of three churches, two chapels and a gavit, to the west of which, a few dozen meters away, there is another church with its own vestry at the side of a road leading to the forest.

In the evening, we had a talent show, where delegations performed their unique numbers. Ukraine performed a poem, a song and a performance with poyballs. Finland had their national dance Letkis. Armenia showed us their national dance as well. Germany, Austria and Italy performed dances and everyone participated in it. Georgia performed a poem and a dance. The jury, consisting of the camp organisers decided that the 3 best performances of the evening came from Finland, Italy and Ukraine. These countries were awarded with a special price.

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