International Camp in Aghveran, Armenia | Day 1

Zwischen 28.07.2017 und 06.08.2017 findet in Aghveran, Armenien ein internationales Jugendcamp mit dem Motto „Be Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself“ statt. In dieser Woche nehmen in etwa 50 Rot-Kreuz-Delegierte aus 7 verschiedenen Nationen (Armenien, Deutschland, Finnland, Ukraine, Georgien, Italien und Österreich) an dem Camp teil.

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#29July was the first day of the #Bepartofsomethingbiggerthanyourself camp. The official opening ceremony of the camp took place in the late morning. The participants of the camp were from: Italy, Germany, Georgia, Finland, Armenia, Austria and Ukraine. During the opening ceremony the participating nations and the organisors were introduced. Then we started playing Teambuilding games. With the games we got to know each other and remember the names of most of the participants and we start the game called “Secret friend”. Everybody took a name from the bag to know the name of the secret friend. We were creating our own envelops where our own secret friend can put gifts, messages or letters inside. During the day we were introduced to the code of conduct and discussed the agenda. Also we had another teambuilding session.

The main activity of the day was the cultural night where we shared our cultural knowledge, our country’s traditions and national cuisine. Italy was providing bread with Nutella and also chocolate and cookies. The Finland delegation brought Fazer chocolate and Karelia pies. The German delegation presented Haribo bears, mix of nuts, brezels and dark bread. Ukraine introducted the participants to pigfat “Salo”, Ukrainian handmade dolls called Motanka and Khrin. The Austrian participants had sausages, pumpkin oil & seed and also candy with waffles and chocolate. The Georgian delegation presented Churchhela, Tklapi, cheese and sweets. The Armenians had basturma, shujukh, juice, dried fruits, candy and cookies. Besides that the participants of the camp showed their national dances and costumes.


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