Friendshipcamp: Group-action!

Alannah from Ireland

I was unsure how much I knew about the law so I took part in the beginners group. We went through everything from the beginning about why Henri Dunant started the Red Cross and why the Geneva Conventions were established. Günther ensured the talk was interesting and added a lot of personal examples and some opinions while also welcoming anything we had to add or say. Overall, I enjoyed it and we were given a wide range of materials so we can continue our research if we want to. I think a lot of people learned a lot during the talk and it was very useful.


Magdalena from Austria

I went to the advanced group and at first Natascha told us the basic things and what it is all about in general. After that she explained some things more in detail and we became some handouts about the humanitarian law. In the second part we watched some movie scenes from movies like “Mockingjay” and “Les Miserables” where a conflict was shown and after that we talked in small groups about what was against the humanitarian law. After this we discussed it all together. All in all it was very good that Natascha gave us an quick information so we all had in mind again what it is all about and then started to talk in detail about it. I also liked the discussion about the movie scenes, because we could make sure that we all understood what it’s all about.


International Friendshipcamp – Tag 1

Endlich ist es soweit! Das 61. Internationale Freundschaftscamp des Österreichischen Jugendrotkreuzes hat begonnen! Am Montag – dem Anreisetag – trafen 23 verschiedene Nationen aus aller Welt in Langenlois, Niederösterreich, zusammen. Manchen reisten nur wenige Minuten, manche jedoch mehrere Stunden. So wurden nach und nach anreisende Teilnehmerinnen und Teilnehmer herzlich willkommen geheißen:


Mit dabei sind: Afghanistan, Kroatien, die Tschechische Republik, Finnland, Deutschland, Griechenland, Ungarn, Irland, Italien, Österreich, Japan, Luxemburg, Myanmar, Rumänien, Kasachstan, Südkorea, Nepal, Serbien, die Schweiz, die Slowakei, St. Lucia, Thailand und die Ukraine. Wir freuen uns auf zwei tolle Wochen!